The colon is an essential organ in human digestion. When functioning correctly, it helps recycle vital nutrients and get the body ready to eliminate harmful solid waste products.

Here are five tips for proper colon health.

Reducing sugar in the diet

Sugar produces inflammation at a very high rate throughout the body, including the colon.

Since refined sugars are present in most processed foods, it is best to eliminate the obvious ones first. Here are a few suggestions:

Table sugar
Kid’s cereals
Processed baked goods

Increase natural dietary fiber

Constipation, abdominal pain, and other digestive problems are all signs of fiber deficiency. It is essential to get in at least one good source of fiber at every meal.

These are some of the high-fiber foods to consider, in order of fiber content(per serving):

Bread, whole wheat
Brussels sprouts

Cutting back on saturated fats

Some natural, saturated fats are useful. For example, in small portions, they contribute to normal brain health. Here is a list of natural foods containing saturated fats:

Red meat
Dairy products
Palm and coconut oils

The term saturated means that all of the carbon molecules making up the fat cell are filled (saturated) with hydrogen molecules. This process, when occurring in nature, is not as much of a concern.

The problem is when food companies artificially manufacture them, either for convenience or to make them taste better. The process is known as hydrogenation. These synthetic fats can cause oxidation and cell damage, a perfect environment for colon cancer.

Here are some of the worst saturated fats:

Salad dressings
Commercial baked items

While eliminating saturated fats altogether is virtually impossible, it is crucial to limit them.

Increasing water consumption

The average adult should drink at least 48 to 60 ounces of clean, filtered water every day. A healthy colon depends on water to keep it lubricated and functioning properly.

Eliminating toxins in the body

Cigarette smoke is a carcinogen. It has no place in the body, much less the digestive organs.

Alcohol is another substance to avoid. It breaks down the colon’s delicate tissues, which can cause ulcerations and leakage of bowel fluid into the abdominal cavity.