The colon and rectum play significant roles in the body’s digestion and excretion processes. Several different ailments can impact these organs and precipitate potentially serious physical manifestations. In such instances, surgery might be necessary. Medical conditions that might require colorectal surgery include the following.


Colon Polyps

Colon polyps are growths that can accumulate inside the large intestine. In most cases, these structures are harmless. However, should these masses grow large enough, they may eventually become cancerous. Polyps are most commonly witnessed in people age 50 and older. Additionally, individuals who smoke cigarettes and are obese have an increased risk of developing this problem.


Colon And Rectal Cancer

Most cases of colon or rectal cancer are subject to surgical intervention. These ailments typically impact individuals age 50 and older. However, such malignancies can occur in younger people. If treated early, colon cancer has a decent recovery rate.



This condition occurs when pouches form inside the colon’s lower portion, push through the colon wall, and become inflamed. Many people experience diverticulosis, which is accumulation of pouches that do not become inflamed. Those with diverticulosis do not always experience symptoms. When the malady progresses to diverticulitis, stricken individuals might witness potentially serious surgery-precipitating complications such as bleeding, perforation, infection, and bowel obstruction.


Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Sometimes known simply as IBD, Inflammatory Bowel Disease is comprised of two potentially serious medical conditions known as Crohn’s Disease and ulcerative colitis. Crohn’s Disease causes the lining of the colon to become severely inflamed. Individuals with ulcerative colitis often experience the accumulation of ulcers throughout the large intestine. Both conditions can produce potentially life-threatening complications such as bleeding, infection, and bowel obstruction that might necessitate surgical intervention.



Volvulus is a potentially life-threatening illness that occurs when the intestines become twisted. The condition is typically precipitated by some significant intestinal malady like an enlarged colon. The associated twisting obstructs the normal flow of digested food, gastric juices, and blood. Should the blockage become pronounced, total obstruction can ensue. Complete obstruction is a medical emergency necessitating immediate surgical intervention.


Bowel Obstruction

Bowel obstruction often occurs when the intestines are blocked by some physical occurrence like a tumor, lesion, or impaction of fecal matter. However, obstruction might also be precipitated by other medical issues such as muscle paralysis and blood vessel occlusion.