The COVID-19 outbreak is having an impact on countries all over the world. Pharmaceutical researchers and doctors are looking to new technologies to give them more ways to treat individuals and minimize exposure to the disease.

What Technologies are Being Used to Combat COVID-19?

Currently, hospitals and technology companies are collaborating to fight the virus. A few notable companies that have contributed to fighting the disease with innovative technologies include


TytoCare is being used at the Sheba Medical Center in Israel. This technology provides individuals in need of medical care with equipment for remote examinations. One innovative tool that’s offered by the company is a stethoscope that enables a doctor to remotely observe a patient’s heart and lungs. Patients are also given equipment that lets them send their doctor pictures of their skin, throat, and ears.

Current Health

Some hospitals in the US and UK are using Current Health’s software to remotely monitor patients. The company offers an arm device that records skin temperature, oxygen rate, pulse, respiratory rate, and step count. Current Health’s technology can be used by doctors to monitor patients who think they have COVID-19. This technology could help increase hospital capacity because patients who don’t need critical care can be monitored from home.


Infervision is a Beijing-based company that is helping hospitals by analyzing CT scans. The company’s AI device was developed to use CT scans to diagnose lung cancer, but it’s now being used to help doctors identify COVID-19 to diagnose cases at a faster rate. Manually reading a CT scan can take about 15 minutes. However, infervision’s technology can read a CT scan in only 10 seconds.


The Sheba Medical Center is also using technology from Datos to fight the spread of COVID-19. This technology lets doctors make video calls with patients, and patients can record their body temperature as well.


Teledoc is a telehealth company that has seen a rapid stock increase since the outbreak. The company’s chief medical officer, Lewis Levy, stated that the company has the capability to provide real-time disease surveillance data to hospitals and has been working with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to combat the virus.